Klubbheads were a group of dance music DJs and producers from the Netherlands. They have had more than 35 monikers by which they went from, including Drunkenmunky.

DJ Boozy Woozy and Itty Bitty first teamed up on the series of commercial mixes Turn Up The Bass. They started making music in the 1990s before they met Jan Voermans (Greatski) in 1995.

The three producers created a sublabel of Mid-Town Records called Blue Records to release their Klubbheads releases. They had their first mainstream chart hit with ‘Klubbhopping’ which got to number 10 in the UK Singles chart in May 1996. It was followed up by two entries in the UK Top 40 with the 1997 record ‘Discohopping’ and the 1998 track ‘Kickin’ Hard’.

In 1999 they produced ‘The Launch’ by DJ Jean, which reached number 2 in the UK, number 1 in Holland and still is a global dance anthem. It was this time they left Blue Records to start the Digidance imprint.

Jan Voermans
In 2003 Klubbheads scored a Billboard Hot Dance Airplay hit called ‘E’ which samples ‘Without Me’ by Eminem. In 2005 they sampled Rune RK’s ‘Calabria’ under the alias Drunkenmunky. ‘Calabria’ is one of the most sampled songs in the dance scene. Their version became a huge floorfiller in the UK & Germany.

Since 2006 Greatski is operating solo.
Now 10 years later, he is still producing records, runs his own label and consultancy firm for DJ’s and producers and is also DJ-ing every weekend!

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