Marc Hartman (1966) was born and raised in Utrecht/Holland, and he discovered music when he was 6 years old and his ambition to become amusician was following very soon.
Marc played in his teens in various bands as a drummer, After a while he found out about other gadgets out there and started working as a DJ in a local Club to make money and spend it on equipment. His small bedroom home recording studio was growing and growing and also the attention from record companies.

In 1985 he was asked to remix the first two records of Italian Disco project named Koto, from that moment on he was involved in various Remixes, Productions and Compostions.
After having a time out in 2000… he was working as an engineer in studios like Wisseloord Studios ( with a big client list with people like Mick Jagger, The Police, Elton John, Scorpions, Elo, U2 etc) After completing the circle of musician, producer, engineer and artist he was ready to have his 2nd homerecording studio. Only this time he knew excactly what he wanted and what was needed in such a place, with various hits during the 80’s/ 90’s a lot of people found their way to Marc’s studio named Neverland ( inspired and infected by the Peter Pan syndrome)

In 2011 Marc joined old friend and co producer for many years DJ Sven in his Radioshow on Radio Veronica called Club Classics to do a Remix of a classic dancetrack every week, it’s called APK Mix and this Mixitem is still alive and well in Sven’s Show. Only now it’s called Sven’s Classix and is broadcasted on Radio 10. During the years, there were more radiostations interested, so now in coöporation with Disco-Train you can hear him at Isla Ibiza 106.

Stijl :Disco Classics, Remixen, Mixen